Q. Nigel Ryan


thXQIOULIAAs a business owner, father, and Detroit Lions number one fan I know a little bit about stress and heartache.  I’m just kidding!

Seven years ago this December I met and married the best girl ever, my lovely wife, Joy Rubio.   About two years later she gave birth to my first child, a little girl, we lovingly call her Channel.  About another two years after that I was blessed with another baby, my little man, Miles.  Together we live a twenty five acre farmhouse.

Together, my wife and I, run our small but lucrative real estate and property management businesses.  She runs the and handles the customers and the books.  I develop and procure properties, check tenants, and over see all remodeling and home improvement projects.

When I’m not working I enjoy hunting with my wife on our piece of land.  Together we have been fortunate enough to be able to feed our family all wild game and fruits and vegetables that we grow right here, in our garden.

My hopes and dreams is wrapped up in my businesses and my family. I am trying to build something that I can teach my children, then hopefully passed the reigns on to them.  They can do the same.  My parents both died when I was a teenager.  We where by a sleep deprived semi truck driver.  They both died instantly and was flew by helicopter to the closest emergency room with life threatening injuries.

Eventually I recovered from my injuries and miraculously pulled through.

I was raised by my aunt and uncle whom I am forever grateful to, but losing my parents when I was so young  made me  long for a family of my own and a desire for a legacy I could leave behind.

This is what I am doing, developing a legacy.