Maple trees sometimes give us the best memories

thK81TUJAYEvery day that I wake up, I do my morning stretches, turn the television to channel four to listen to the news, and then I take my orange juice out on my bedroom balcony on my bistro set. I know a wonderful life. It one of my favorite part of my day. It gives me a chance to relax and center myself for whatever I have to do for the day, I can face by I have these moments. I like to listen to channel four so that when I set out I have an idea what kind of weather to expect. In my profession I spend a lot of time outside so good weather is crucial.

When I sit at my bistro set on the balcony I like to gaze to my left at my favorite oak tree. It is beautiful. Big and brawny. I enjoy watching the birds and squirrels interact with each other. It is amazing that two very separate creatures can live and interact peacefully.

I am particularly fond of this tree because this tree is the tree that my father and I planted when I was three years old. A few years ago, he passed away, that old maple always reminds me of him and brings a sort of comfort to my soul. That is really, why I spend every morning with it as part of my morning routine. Do not tell anyone but sometime I talk to that old maple tree, I like to think that it relays my messages to my dad. I know it is a bit crazy but we all have some quirks right.

Last week I had a business trip in Puerto Rico. It kept me away for about two weeks. It was not as nice as one would think. I spent most of my time in my hotel room on my laptop working and on my phone talking. I would not classified this as vacay or even a working vacation, this was strictly work, no doubt about it.

When I returned I was so tired from all the traveling that I never even bother to look out or say hi to my maple tree. My bedroom is on the back part of my house. When I return home, it was dark and I was exhausted. I slipped my shoes off, stripped down to my under clothes and t-shirt. In less than three minutes, I was out like a light.

When I woke up the next morning, I did exactly as I always do when I am at home. Started with my morning stretches, then turn on the news to hear the weather, as I’m listening to the television as I take my juice out onto my balcony, then set down at my bistro set with my newspaper.

As I look up from my newspaper to say something to the tree, that is when I noticed it, the changed.

While I was away my area, had been hit with a few lightning storms. A bolt or two had hit my maple tree. I noticed that a few of its limbs scattered around my backyard.

I immediately call a tree trimming service to come out and take a look at him, hopefully there will be something they can do save him from death.

The tree service was able to install a lightning rod system that will displace any lightening if it is hit again. They also trim away any damages limbs ensuring me that more will grow in their place. That with some time and routine care my maple will be back to his old self again.   I am so relived.

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