Just go with the best, you will be happy

I am no different from anyone else out here, I love a good deal. If I can save a few dollars, Ith66HCCMDY will. I am not saying that I am cheap but I hate to waste my money and that is on anything. From food, entertainment, cars, properties, to whatever it does not matter I never pay full price. It is as if I get a some type of jolt when I see the amount saved at the bottom or top, which depends on where I am shopping, of the receipt.

There is only one service that I will never, ever, again go with the unlicensed, cheap, unexperienced, person from around the corner. This is my warning article leave Joe Shoe and the boys along.

I had just won a house in the property auction in the middle of last month. I bought the house as a rental investment. After securing it, obtaining the deed I immediately started on the maintenance, and remolding.

The house I bought is a beautiful artisan style house. Complete with a formal dining room, two fireplace, a den, and hardwood floors throughout the entire home.   However, it is a foreclosure, which means that this home needs a little T.L.C.

I called my brother who is a contractor to meet me at the house. I was hoping that he will give me the friends and family discount for the demolition and remolding that I know will have to be done to the house before I can move a tenant into it.

I pulled up to the house before he did. As I walk around the house checking out what kind of landscaping and tree trimming needs to be done, I noticed that there is a tree touching the power line. That something I did not budget, tree trimming. Normally I would just cut something like that down, but it looks so nice and inviting I decided to leave the tree and just pay someone to come and trim it for me.

Here a call pulls up into the driveway and I make my way to the front of the house I see my brother climbing out of his work truck. After we passed pleasantries, do a walk-through of the house, barter over the price, I took him to the backyard to check out the tree.

In my city, it is the property owner responsibility ability to take care of all trees and tree limbs that overhang and/or interferes with the street and passing ability to safely maneuver on it, the sidewalk, powerlines and whatever else the city feels it is causing harm to. I knew that I had to have someone trim that tree before I have the city inspector come out and gives me the seal of approval.

My brother suggested a person he knew of, he said he is really inexpensive but really inexperience as well. That if I want to take a chance and roll the die he can give me his number. I said to my brother how bad could he be.   He just have to do a little tree trimming on one tree, which is it.

I wished I had went with a license company. This guy came over and botched the tree that was in my investment home backyard. Now I have to call a real tree trimming company to come out and fix what he ruined. Which mean is have to do something that I hate…spend more money!

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